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The business related subjects are concerned with how people use resources and money to create products. Students will gain a better understanding of how consumers, producers and the government rely on one another for the economy to run efficiently.

The three subjects that can be studied in this department are

  1. accounting
  2. business studies
  3. economics

Accounting is concerned with processing financial data so that it is in a form so that people can make decisions with the information. Accountants need to be able to communicate this information to their clients. You need to have good problem solving skills and a logical mind. The maths involved in accounting is not complicated and involves simple calculations.

Business Studies involves students researching New Zealand businesses and analysing problems. Some of the areas that will be investigated include

  • marketing
  • production
  • finance
  • human resources

Students also get the opportunity to form and run their own businesses. The students will need to cover all the aspects of running a small business. Being able to motivate yourself and others in the group as well as working as part of a team are vital parts to this unit.

Economics is the study of how people use scarce resources. Students need to have good literacy skills as there is a lot of new terminology that is used in this subject. Students also need to be able to draw and read graphs carefully. There are many economic models that students use to explain economic concepts.