ASHS Coursebook: 3SPA (Level 3 Spanish)

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Level 3 Spanish 2018 Where Spanish rules!

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You have heard it time and time again, those that are blessed with billngual brains through speaking more than one language are developing brain connections that enables learning and successful careers- Guess what Will Smith, Ben Affleck, Barack Obama, Maya Angelou and David Beckham have in common? Yep, they all speak Spanish.

If you want to be competitive in your chosen career, travel overseas on your OE, be able to communicate with people from different countries, spend a year on an exchange to a Spanish speaking country and making money while you travel then Spanish is the subject for you. So far 4 past students from ASHS that have studied Spanish are residing in Spanish speaking countries as either Spanish assistants, travelers or volunteers.

In this course we will aim at developing the four language skills to a Personal Independence level and also understanding the Spanish way of life. We will be looking at Advertising, Music and Media in Spain, a more in-depths look at its Social and Cultural life as well as focusing on Currents Events.

Students interested in Scholarship Spanish will have the opportunity to explore past papers, spend time with our Spanish assisstant to expand on their oral skills and attend Spanish workshops.

Students interested in going to Spain will also have the opportunity to get involved organising a trip to Spain.

What will I learn?

You will:

  • express opinions about daily life and current trends in Spain (role of men and women, current affairs, health, education)
  • interpret selected and adapted media (newspapers, magazines, television, movies and popular music)
  • discuss socioeconomic concerns in Latin America and Spain (immigration, gypsies, political strife) 
  • read poems, short stories and books from well-known Spanish authors
  • explore the life and paintings of Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso
  • explore the magic of the dance 'flamenco', its history and current status in Spain
  • research environmental issues in Latin America
  • debate controversial themes (bull fighting, running with the bulls, monarchy)
  • Course design principles:
  • intentional planning which means that you will be involved in the planning of the course by selecting topics that interest you and link in with your interests
  • high expectations which means that your teacher will be clear on what is expected of you, and how to meet those high expectations. An open door policy means that you will have the opportunity to discuss with your teacher where your learning is going at all stages
  • assessment which enables learning which means that the learning takes over assessment and that you will concentrate on providing evidence of your learning as you learn and assessment will not be a isolated occurence at the end of a unit but rather a by product of learning. You will be in charge of choosing which evidence will go towards your internal assessments.

What sorts of things will I do?

We will:

  • focus on the language, the culture the history and current affairs in Spanish speaking countries through keeping digital portfolios, connecting with other Spanish-speaking students in the community and guest visitors
  • inter-school debate with other New Zealand students
  • watch Spanish TV and movies and discuss them by comparing trends
  • explore pathways and careers involving Spanish
  • create and act role plays with your fellow students and the Spanish assistant
  • make and taste food from Spain
  • use gadgets such as virtual comic strips, i-movies, virtual chat to enchance your speaking skills
  • read monthly magazines from Spain

What standards can I enter?

You will be in charge of your learning and assessments. You will manage your learning by keeping evidence of your learning.
No further assessment opportunities will be offered for this course. Milestones and due dates for your internal assessment will be negotiated with your teacher and advertised in the Assessment Calendar 2018.

Summary of standards
NCEA Level Standard Number Name of standard Version Number Credits Assessment       Domain           
Demonstrate understanding of a variety of extended spoken Spanish texts
3.2 Give a clear spoken presentation in Spanish that communicates a critical response to stimulus material
Interact clearly using spoken Spanish to explore and justify varied ideas and perspectives in different situations
Demonstrate understanding of a variety of extended written and/or visual Spanish texts
Write a variety of text types in clear Spanish to explore and justify varied ideas and perspectives

Total available credits: 24

Scholarship opportunities

Students interested in Scholarship Spanish will have the opportunity to explore past papers, spend time with our Spanish assistant to expand on their oral skills and have workshops catering for Level 4 Spanish.