ASHS Coursebook: 3ACC (Level 3 Accounting)

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NCEA Level:
Primary Qualification:
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What is this course about?

This course follows on from the skills and knowledge covered in level 1 and level 2 accounting. It would be extremely difficult to start your studies of accounting at level 3 if you have not successfully completed accounting at level 1, at least. If you have not studied accounting before and would like to attempt level 3 accounting, you must speak to Lloyd Gutteridge (specialist subject leader) to determine if this is a suitable choice.

This course looks at the financial statements and concepts that have been covered during Level 1 and Level 2 accounting. It focuses on processing and reporting for partnerships and understanding job costing systems for manufacturing businesses. It covers decision-making for businesses and interpretation of an annual report for a major New Zealand business.

What will I learn?

You will learn more about the different financial statement that accountants and business owners use. You will learn to interpret the financial statements fo ra large business.

You will also learn how to process and present financial information.

You will learn to present information for decision-making for management.

What sorts of things will I do?

You will learn how to analyse financial statements and make recommendations based on these statements.

You will process financial data into financial statements.

You will learn how to prepare cash budgets and cost volume profit analysis for management.

What standards can I enter?

These are all the standards that are offered at Level 3 Accounting. Your teacher will determine an appropriate course of study for you.

Summary of standards:
NCEA Level: Standard Number: Name of standard: Version Number: Domain Credits: Assessment type:

UE Lit


Learning Assessment date:


91405 (3.2)
Demonstrate understanding of accounting for partnerships
Accounting - generic 4

Term 1 2 Term 2
91407 (3.4)
Prepare a report for an external user that interprets the annual report of a New Zealand reporting entity
Accounting - generic
B Term 1
Term 1
91409 (3.6)
Demonstrate understanding of a job cost subsystem for an entity
Accounting - generic

Term 2
Term 2


AS Pathway options

91406 (3.3)
Demonstrate understanding of company financial statement preparation
Accounting - generic

Term 3 4
Term 4
91408 (3.5) Demonstrate understanding of management accounting to inform decision making
2 Accounting - generic 4 External
Term 3
Term 4

Vocational Pathways provide a framework for students to show how their learning and achievement is valued in the workplace by aligning learning to the skills needed for industry.  Follow this link to see the profile for this course.

Frequently asked questions:

Question - Can I study accounting at Level 3 if I have not studied accounting before? 

Answer - It will be extremely difficult for you and is not recommended. You may be restricted in how many standards you can study and gain credits in.

Question - What type of jobs would accounting be useful for?

Answer - Apart from being an accountant, any jobs related to business or finance.