ASHS Coursebook: 2KOR (Level 2 Korean)

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Information icon.svg 2KOR
NCEA Level:
Primary Qualification:
Primary Learning Area:

What is this course about?

The Land of Morning Calm is another name for Korea. In recent years this seemingly quiet country has become known by people living all over the world. Its recent impact with its popular music, dramas, movies, and technology can not be overlooked. This course is to learn about various aspects of this influential and dynamic country. If you want to deepen your knowledge of old and modern Korean history and culture in general, and you want to increase your employment opportunities in Korea in the future, this course will definitely appeal to you.

What will I learn?

You will learn about:

  • modern trends in Korea
  • traditional celebrations and food
  • ideal jobs and how to apply for jobs in Korea
  • education in Korea and New Zealand
  • Korean regions and what they are famous for
  • history of the Korean language
  • socio-economic concerns in South Korea (unemployment, social welfare, education, immigration)
  • modern Korean history?

What sorts of things will I do?

You will:

  • make a traditional Korean dish
  • design posters promoting Korean as a foreign language
  • express opinions about daily life and current trends in Korea
  • interpret selected and adapted media (newspapers, magazines, television, movies and popular music)
  • discuss socio-economic concerns in in South Korea (unemployment, social welfare, education, immigration)
  • understand global issues from the Korean perspective and express opinions about them
  • read Korean literature and express points of view
  • research modern Korean history.
  • watch Korean movies and discuss them by comparing trends
  • read monthly magazines from Korea
  • improve your Korean reading and writing ability

What standards can I enter?

Summary of standards:
NCEA Level: Domain: Standard Number: Name of standard: Version Number: Credits: Assessment:
2 Korean 2.1
Demonstrate understanding of a variety of spoken Korean texts on familiar matters
1 5 External
2 Korean 2.2
Interact using spoken Korean to share and justify information, ideas and opinions in different situations.
1 4 Internal
2 Korean 2.3 Give a spoken presentation in Korean that communicates information, ideas, and opinions.
1 5 Internal
2 Korean 2.4
Demonstrate understanding of a variety of written/ visual Korean texts on familiar matters

1 5 External
2 Korean 2.5
Write a variety of text types in Korean for genuine contexts

1 5 Internal

Total available credits: 24


No further assessment opportunities will be offered for this course, as evidence of your learning will be collected throughout the year.