ASHS Coursebook: 2BUS (Level 2 Business Studies)

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NCEA Level:
Primary Qualification:
Primary Learning Area:

What is this course about?

The level 2 business studies course follows a similar format to the level 1 business studies course. The standards are also similar in that they focus on internal and external factors affecting organisations ; the major difference being that the focus of the course is on larger businesses. However, greater thinking skills and much deeper analytical skills of business decision-making need to be developed to be successful at level 2

Students will research, explain and analyse the internal factors that impact on a business. They will also try to solve problems that producers have and justify their solutions in terms of cost, time, risk and other factors.

Students will also get the chance to run their own business and  will add to the skills gained from the level 1 course. Students will start their own business and learn the risks and rewards associated with being an entrepreneur but with a strong community focus.Planning and organisation will be critical for success.

Key Skills for Success

Students will need to develop good time management skills to ensure they utilise their time effectively in this course. Group work is also an important aspect. Students will be expected to search for and discuss solutions to problems and not be given them.

This Business course is  language rich and involves students having to explain business concepts using technical terminology. It is important that students have good written and verbal language skills.

Above all else, a willingness to participate, contribute, think and develop a deep sense of learning are key requirements. This is not a textbook or a 'chalk and talk' subject.

What will I learn?

How large businesses within NZ operate and how they make decisions

You will be given a chance to develop a business which has an impact on the ASHS community in a positive manner

How to analyse financial or managerial problems that businesses are having and investigate and justify alternative solutions to the problem.

What sorts of things will I do?

The first two terms will be focussing on the internal and external factors that impact on businesses that have a regional or national significance. The course will then move on to analysing problems that large producers face in New Zealand by using real life case studies.

You will need to develop your thinking skills and be responsibly ICT literate. Wherever possible students are encouraged to be creative and challenge existing ideas.

Questioning is a key skill which will be developed in Business Studies at level 2.

What standards can I enter?

Summary of standards:
NCEA Level: Standard Number: Name of standard: Version Number: Credits: Assessment: Assessment dates:
Demonstrate understanding of the internal operations of a large business**
End of year Examinations  November
Apply business knowledge to a critical problem(s) in a given large business context**
End of year Examinations  November
Conduct market research for a new or existing product*
Week 8 Term 1
Carry out, review and refine a business activity within a community context with guidance

Final Submission

Week 6 Term 3

Investigate the application of motivation theory in a business 4 credits*
Total available credits: 20 (24)

Vocational Pathways provide a framework for students to show how their learning and achievement is valued in the workplace by aligning learning to the skills needed for industry.  Follow this link to see the profile for this course.

Students will choose (in consultation with their teacher) from the standards.

Standards marked * are available for re-assessment

Standards marked ** are optional depending on the individual student MAP

It is anticipated that all students will be encouraged to enter in 90845 for possible merit and excellence endorsement opportunities.

Frequently asked questions:

Question - Can I study Business Studies at Level 2 if I have not studied business studies at Level 1?

Answer- Yes.

Question - Do I need to work in groups in Business Studies?

Answer - Yes. All businesses require the owners and workers to interact with their suppliers and customers. Group work skills are an important part of being an entrepreneur.