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Classical Studies is the study of aspects of classical Greece and Rome.It is a "multi-disciplinary" subject. This means that it combines the study of history, literature and art.

The course aims to introduce students to the cultural tradition of classical civilisation that formed the basis of Western European's historical, cultural and traditional identity.

Why Study Classics?

The Western European civilisation and cultural tradition is an important part of our contemporary New Zealand culture. We can find the origins of much of our art, science, literature, law, philosophy, politics and religion in the classical Greek and Roman world.

Awareness of these origins and the situations in which they occurred captures our interest and adds to our understanding of these subjects. We may wish to continue them at university if we decide to study for Law, Science, English Literature, Political Science, Philosophy or Classical Studies degrees.

It is interesting to be able to view literature, science, art, philosophy and politics through the fresh eyes of someone exploring the classical Roman and Greek world point-of-views!

Course Aims

1. To provide a knowledge and appreciation of selected areas of Greek and Roman civilisation.

2. To encourage you to make comparisons between classical civilisation and contemporary New Zealand.

3. To provide experience of a variety of different types of subject matter, evidence and argument.

4. To provide opportunities for you to participate, contribute and relate to others in an encouraging and respectful environment.

5. To provide opportunities for you to use self-management and thinking skills as they use language to research, understand, communicate or explain.

2012 Course

Internal Assessment = 12 credits

Arminus wiped out Varian's army in the Battle of Teutoburg Forest

AS91025 1.5

Demonstrate understanding of links between aspects of the classical world and another culture.

Famous Arminius V's Varian in the Battle of Teutoburg Forest - and created divisions in Europe that led to WW1.

6 credits Internal

AS91024 1.4

Demonstrate understanding of social relationships in the classical world.

The power and protection of Patronage in Roman society

6 credits Internal

External Assessment = 12

AS91021 1.1
Demonstrate understanding of ideas and values of the classical world.
Odysseus from Schwab book 1.jpg

What makes a Greek Hero? Heroism in Classical Greece: Not what it is today

4 credits External

AS91022 1.2
Demonstrate understanding of the significance of features of work(s) of art in the classical world.

Mosaics and paintings of Pompeii and Herculaneum

4 credits External
Alexander the Great
AS91023 1.3
Demonstrate understanding of an important historical figure in the classical world.

Alexander the Great

4 credits External