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Composite Programming: break up, put together
Convenor: Kirk Pepperdine
  • Rabea
  • Dmitry
  • Marc
  • Tasos
  • Giannis Skitsas
  • ...
  • Most people use agile processes
  • Intro to SCRUM given by Marc
    • Hard to get the time measurements right at first
  • Incorporating performance tests in the timeline
    • Important to schedule some time to fix non met functional requirements during the iteration
    • At least do a manual test before the end of the iteration
  • Having performance tests (and other non-functional requirements) in daily builds
    • Makes it easier to locate the change which broke the requirement
    • Hard to find at the end of iteration in a huge bunch of changesets
  • Try to slow down and don't have to many new features in an iteration to be able to set up some continouus integration and test cases
    • Will save some time in the overall schedule

Audio Recording

Which Tools do you use?

  • Rabea: Rational Team Concert for SCRUM and Continous Integration. No automatic load/performance tests yet (Having some manuallly executed Apache JMeter Load Tests)
  • Use Tools which help to meet non-functional requirements and to notice problems early