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Opinion Poll among Ugandan colleagues

What you think would be a good idea to proceed next for our Center, in order to get maximum resonance for our colleagues and students (high impact)


What you would like to work on, because you are highly motivated to get creative in this topic.

For answering the questions, this point system could be used:
10 points: Yes, I do absolutely share this opinion and want to emphasize to a maximum.
5 points: I do not really know or I am indifferent.
0 points: No, definitely I do not think so and do not at all share this opinion.
And of course every number in between.
Please also give a short commentary (C:) to explain your opinion.

1. Project Portal:
We create a new portal for our Center.

2. Physics experiments with low cost materials
We develop a collection and give them a try in the classroom.

3. Pedagogics for big classes: student centered tuition
We develop a collection of best practices and give them a try in the classroom.

4. Physics and sports
We investigate the interests of our students regarding sports and develop corresponding physics lessons.

5. Teacher Motivation
We investigate the positive and negative motives and motivations of physics teachers.

6. Ugandan Physics past papers
We develop an on-line training platform with past Ugandan exams.

7. Physics lesson plans
We develop a collection of successfully held physics lessons.

8. Physics projects
We develop a collection and give them a try in the classroom.

9. Why is Physics interesting for our students?
We do an investigation on this question.

10. Primary Physics Materials SUPRA
We adapt the high quality materials for the Ugandan context and translate to local languages.

11. Gender Issues in Physics Teaching
We do investigations and try to find guidelines for getting more girls on the boat of learning physics.

12. Hands-on physics teaching
We buy the book and see what we can adapt for physics teaching in Uganda.

13. Modern Topics
We develop materials on teaching “modern” subjects like electronics and astronomy in Uganda.

14. Science Videos
We try to get information on videos suitable for teaching physics.

15. Ugandan physics curriculum refinement We work on a detailed Ugandan physics curriculum in the wiki.

16. Hot Topics
We work on hot topics like “Energy saving” or “renewable energies”.

17. School Home Page
We develop home pages for our schools (cooperation with German colleagues?)

18. Mobile Learning
We get information on new methods of leaning Physics via mobile phone.

Please send your personal responses to my email! Thanks! --GünOss 10:35, 2 November 2009 (UTC)