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Laptop agreement

I am happy to announce the availability of a notebook for the purposes of our center. It has been financed by our kickoff fund and will be lent to the Center as soon as the following agreement is ratified by all potential users:

We agree on the following policy for the laptop IBM ThinkPad T23 2647 - PIII-M 1 GHz
  1. The owner or the laptop is Mr Günther Osswald.
  2. The laptop is lent to Mr Vincent Kizza, exclusively to the use for purposes of the center, for a time period of 6 months.
  3. Every user of the laptop agrees with his/her subscription in the list below to deliver at least 30 working units for free to the Center.
  4. The total of freely delivered working units shall be 150.
  5. Mr Kizza is in full charge to take care of the correct use and technical maintenance of the laptop.
  6. After 6 months the laptop is sent back to the owner if the agreement is not being prolonged.

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