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  • Customer requirements for travel insurance are established and advice provided on policy content, exclusions and procedures in the event of a claim
  • Policies are completed (including specified items) for two different world regions
  • Travel insurance policies are sold in accordance with customer requirements.

Provide details of policy content and exclusions-Assessment Unit Standard 18220 PC 1.2

Using the handouts in class or sourcing a travel insurance website on the internet, provide the correct advice to your clients.

Scenario One

  1. Mrs P. James would like an explanation of what is meant by medical costs covered on her insurance policy when she travels to the U.S.A. Please also provide an example of two exclusions.
  2. She has been advised that by a friend that insurance companies will not cover pre-existing conditions. Provide an explanation of cover provided and two examples of conditions excluded from cover.
  3. Mrs James father may accompany her on the holiday - he is 80 years old. Are there any 'age' restrictions on the insurance policy?
  4. Please explain what is the difference between medical cover and personal accident cover? Are there any exclusions?

Scenario Two

  1. Mr Allan Gilks has reserved a Contiki holiday in Europe and has several questions about his insurance cover. He has paid a deposit of $200.00 and wishes to know under what circumstances can he have his money refunded if he cancels his holiday. Provide examples of two specified situations in the terms of the policy where he would not obtain a refund.
  2. Will he be covered for costs incurred by any travel delays on his trip? What is meant by 'curtailment of travel' and 'interruption of travel?

Scenario Three

  1. Mari Imamura is travelling to Japan to show her grandparents her new engagement ring valued at $5000. Will her luggage cover in her travel policy cover any loss of her engagement ring.

Scenario Four

  1. Jasmin De Brett has called from France urgently to advise she has been injured in a car accident and wants your advice on how to proceed with the insurance company. When she returns to New Zealand she needs to claim for her damaged camera. Please assist her in completing this form. Provide your own details of the accident and any other requirements for the form.

Quotations for insurance

Please provide quotations for the following scenarios. All clients do not have any preexisting illnesses.

  1. Jane Fraser (20 years) travelling to Brisbane for 16 days.
  2. Mr (60 years) Mrs B (61 years) Douglas holidaying in Disneyland for 2 weeks. They want to have the maximum cover available.
  3. Melissa Kanedo (40 years) travelling on business to Singapore for 3 days.
  4. The Grant family (2 adults 2 children aged 7 and 5 years) travelling in Europe departing on 20 Oct 15 returning on 20 Nov 15. They are on a budget so require the cheapest available policy.
  5. Peter Franklin (70 years) is backpacking through Asia for 21 days.

Completion of forms - Assessment Unit Standard 18220 PC 1.1, 2.1, 2.2

Please complete an application form for the following client:

  • Miss Enya Schneider (81 years), 20 Grange Street, Dunedin Ph: 03 465 4876 requires insurance cover for her visit to see her grandchildren in Perth for Christmas. She will departing on 20 Dec 15 and returning on 10 Jan 16.

Please complete an insurance policy for the following clients.

  • Jeffrey Noakes (20 years), 34 Bank Street, Invercargill Ph: 03 546 8976 travelling on his OE to the UK and Europe for 2 years. He would like the maximum cover available. He departs on the 24 Jan 16.
  • Mr George (50 yrs), Mrs Amanda (55 yrs), Miss Teresa (18 yrs), Mstr Richard (15 yrs) McDonald, 76 Campbell Place, Queenstown Ph: 03 987 3465 travelling to South America departing 13 Mar 16 returning 13 Apr 16. They are taking their video camera valued at $3000 and want to ensure it is covered in the event of loss.

Supporting materials