Advise on and sell travel insurance

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[Based on NZQA 18220]


  • People credited with this unit standard are able to establish customer requirements and advise on travel insurance, and complete travel insurance documentation.

This unit is used in the following courses

Establish customer requirements and advise on travel insurance

  • Customer requirements for travel insurance are established in accordance with enterprise procedures.
  • Advice is provided to customer in terms of travel insurance policy content and exclusions.

Range: loss of deposit, travel delays, health costs, personal effects, baggage, accident, personal liability, interruption of travel, curtailment of travel, collapse of operator and/or third party, pre existing medical conditions, age.

  • Customer is advised on procedures in the event of claimable action in accordance with a selected policy.

Complete travel insurance documentation

Range: evidence is required for a minimum of one policy issued for two different world regions; one policy must include specified items.

  • Travel insurance policies are sold in accordance with customer requirements.
  • Insurance documents are completed in accordance with supplier’s requirements.