Adult User Education/Module 6 Discussion Questions

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  1. Our book outlines several areas of information literacy that will likely be changing in the future:
    • the concept or definition of information literacy
    • content and focus of instructional programs
    • assessment and evaluation of users and programs
    • professional development
    • organizational structure of libraries
    • Which of these areas do you think will be the most challenging area for you as a librarian in an academic, public, or special library? What about this aspect do you think will make it challenging? Which of these areas of change do you think will have the most impact on society overall? Why?
  2. The driving force behind the changes in information literacy and adult user education will likely come from several different areas. Share your ideas on the following:
    • What kinds of economic and employment changes do you think will most effect our adult users? Why?
    • What changes in society and interaction between individuals do you feel will most impact the adult user? Why?
    • What changes in technology do you foresee as having an impact on the adult user? Why?
    • What changes in education, both in organization and delivery, do you think will most effect our adult users? Why?
    • How can we plan to meet these changes with effective instruction?

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Journal Reflection

Now in 300 to 400 words reflect upon and share your course experience. Some questions to think about to get you started:

  • What do you feel was the most important thing you learned?
  • How have your ideas and feelings about information literacy changed over the semester?
  • Do you feel more confident about program planning? If not, what areas do you still feel unsure of?
  • What is the future of information literacy?
  • How do you see library instruction changing in the future?

This completes the Adult User Education course