Adult User Education/Module 4 Discussion Questions

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  1. Consider the leadership and management ideas we have been reading about this module and discuss the following:
    • How will you communicate the details of your plan to your staff and users? (Especially consider the idea that this plan is targeted at your adult users, which makes it a little different.)
    • How will you keep your program fresh and up to date?
    • What will you do to solve any problems that arise? Can you think of anything that might be a problem in the first year of your program?
    • What does leadership look like?
    • How do you think the ideas of leadership and communication will be important to your program in your specific library setting?
  2. We have discussed the attributes of the adult user, and the history of library instruction and how instruction can be created in a way that targets the needs of adults.
    • What is the difference between offering instruction and enabling learning? What does this change from offering to enabling look like in your library setting? Or, what do you think it would look like?
    • How does your library currently assess its instruction programs? Or, how does a library you know assess its instruction programs?
    • Page 174 in your text discusses authentic assessment. Discuss the relevance of authentic assessment to adult education and adult learning styles. Considering your answer, what do you think the relevance, or usefulness, of self-assessment would be to the adult user?

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Assignment 4

Create an adult education instruction program plan for a specific setting which will include:

  • An introduction defining Information Literacy and other relevant terms and the scope of the program
  • A history of instructional trends at the setting chosen
  • The goals and objectives of the program
  • The body of the plan for the program of instruction
  • Oversight and management of the program
  • A discussion of how the program will be assessed
  • The timeline for implementation
  • A marketing plan applicable to the type of setting chosen

Click on this link to launch a guide that will walk you through Assignment 4


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Journal Reflection

Respond to the following in 300 to 400 words:

  • What kind of library did you choose, and why?
  • What are you having a hard time with?
  • What good resources have your found that you can share?
  • Do you have any tips that could help someone else with their plan?
  • Do you have any questions that someone else might be able to help you with?

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