Adult User Education/Module 3 Objectives and Readings

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Discuss the various issues surrounding collaborating with others on instructional plans:

  • Read and discuss textbook chapters and assigned articles covering collaboration, partnerships, academic integrity and copyright in adult user programs.
  • Create sample collaboration proposals for 3 different potential collaborators.

Reflect on the readings, discussions, and activity and share new ideas and knowledge acquired.

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Read in text - Chapter 4: Collaboration, Chapter 5: Curriculum Issues in Information Literacy Instruction, & Chapter 8: Student Academic Integrity

Working with Others and within Guidelines

  • Van Cleave, Kendra. "Collaboration." In Proven Strategies for Building an Information Literacy Program, edited by Susan Carol Curzon and Lynn D. Lampert, 177-90. New York: Neal-Schuman Publishers, 2007.
  • Lampert, Lynn D. "Who's Afraid of Partnerships for Information Literacy Initiatives?" College and Research Libraries News 64, no.4 (April 2003) - This article discusses a college partnership with outside entities in creating information literacy training for a public workforce training program.
  • Borek, Dian, Brian Bell, Gail Richardson, and Walter Lewis. "Perspectives on Building Consortia Between Libraries and Other Agencies." Library Trends 54, no. 3 (Winter 2006) - Although this describes a consortial arrangement in Canada, this article gives some excellent information on how a variety of different libraries and organizations partnered, and what it takes to get and keep a grant for this kind of partnership.
  • Logan, Firouzeh and Erin McCaffrey. "New Partnerships for New Learning." Journal of Library Administration 32, no. 1/2 (2001): 309-18 - This article discusses an academic partnership between a particular school within the university and the university library. The evolution of this particular collaboration is a good example of how working with others can be modified and formalized over time - starting with small goals often works out just fine.
  • De la Pena McCook, Kathleen and Peggy Barber. "Public Policy as a Factor Influencing Adult Lifelong Learning, Adult Literacy and Public Libraries." Reference & User Services Quarterly 42, no. 1 (Fall 2002) - This is an interesting (if somewhat opinionated) discussion of the changing focus for adult education by libraries as influenced by public policies. There is an interesting short history of the adult literacy movement as related to lifelong learning.
  • Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) - - this is a resource for a wide variety of grants available to libraries, museums, educational institutions, and many other entities.

Copyright and Plagiarism

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