Adult User Education/Module 2 Discussion Questions

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  1. Think about the context of your information problem from Module 1 Discussion Thread 2. If the pre-exercise information problem was one you simply made up, imagine what the context of it might be:
    • Who might have this information question?
    • When or why might they come to the library to seek an answer?
    • Instead of thinking about how you would find the answer, discuss in a few sentences what you could teach them within that context that would help them find their own answer.
  2. Discuss at least two different aspects of adult motivation and learning theory that we have covered.
    • Which of these do you find most interesting?
    • Which can you see putting into practice?
    • Can you give an example of what you might do?
    • Which do you find the hardest to conceptualize putting into practice? What do you think might help you to understand it better?

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Assignment 2

Create a instructional activity geared toward an adult learning need, including documentation and materials required. Consider the things we have discussed in this module including:

  • appropriate learning theory
  • question analysis
  • search strategies to be used
  • most beneficial instructional mode
  • adult motivational aspects

Include any specific strategies, additional visual or audio aids, and collaborative partnerships that you could use to benefit your instruction, or any curriculum issues (if applicable) that you would need to address.

If you need some examples to get you started, please see the Web Resources included in this module.

***Suggested length – 4 to 5 pages.

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Journal Reflection

Respond to the following in 300 to 400 words:

  • What problems did you have when working to set up your instruction segment?
  • How did you overcome these problems?
  • Were you surprised at how hard, or how easy, this was to do?
  • What would you do differently the next time you create this type of activity?

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