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e-Learning activity summary

Title: Tourism throughout the Asia-Pacific Region
6 - 7 hours to complete your research and timeline
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This activity is linked to Assignment 2

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Stimulus: Singapore - The place to be (Video on YouTube).

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To identify and become more familiar with tourism throughout the Asia-Pacific region, paying attention to the types of tourism in the region and the impacts of tourism on societies, cultures and regional economies.

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  1. Begin researching information on tourism in the Asia-Pacific region. Start generally and then refine your search as you progress.
  2. First, explore and report on two different types of tourism present in the region in 150-200 words. (That is, Eco-tourism, Cultural-tourism, Heritage-tourism, religious-tourism)
  3. Next, explore and report on the impacts of tourism (in general) on societies, cultures and regional economies. This research can be either a particular state or a group of states in the region. Your findings for this examination should be 300-350 words.

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Learning outcome actions

  1. Upload your summary of findings as per Steps 2) and 3) above onto the assigned Forum for this e-learning activity and read other entries that have been uploaded. This should be completed no later than the close (Friday) of Week 15. 
  2. Please enter any useful online sources you accessed during this e-learning activity into the Regional Relations Source Repository located on the Study Desk.
  3. The e-moderator will add an overview of the comments after the closing date for submissions.