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Internet Map. As the Internet increases in size and scope, digital literacy is becoming ever more important.

After completing Unit One, you should be better positioned to understand and explain the approach taken in this course to studying regional relations in Asia and the Pacific.

This approach has been defined as the 'pedagogy of discovery' and it is geared towards full engagement with course content that is of interest to you while still being relevant to the objectives of each Module within the course, as well as the overall learning objectives of AST1000.

Upon completion of Unit One you should also be able to explain what is meant by the term Open Educational Resources (OER). After completing e-Learning Activity for this unit, it is hoped you have developed a clearer understanding of how these resources will be used in the course to convey content relevant to the course objectives. Finally, you should also start to recognise the importance and value of becoming digitally literate for success in both your studies and your work life.

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