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Take a look at the graphic overview of the AST1000 course below which provides a conceptual overview of the structure of the course and complete the microblog activity which follows.

AST1000-Overview-Module 1.jpg
Icon activity line.svg

Contribute your thoughts, ideas or insights on the module structure and topics to be covered in this course. Post your thoughts on WEnotes and include the hash tag "#AST1000" in your post to share your thoughts with fellow participants. Does the course cover what you expected? Are there key issues missing from the Module structure in your view? Does the Module sequence make sense? For example:

  • #AST1000 outline is what I expected because ....
  • I'm surprised they didn't include a module on .... in #AST1000
  • The #AST1000 order is fine because ...
  • I think Module ?? should come before ... in #AST1000
  • Any other thoughts you would like to share with #AST1000