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Willie Campbell
Willie is a Course Facilitator

I’m Willie Campbell- an educator with early childhood, primary and adult education qualifications and experience. I have worked in government departments, non- governmental agencies, both formal and informal adult education settings. I am myself a life-long learner and have a belief that learning is one of the most critical aspects of the human existence.

Kate Vercoe
Kate is a Course Facilitator
  • I am Kate Vercoe - My role is to support you to explore and deepen your understanding of your work, and your working environment, and to help you as you prepare your presentation for assessment. I can give you feedback on any draft pieces you submit and I am always available, through email or by phone, just to have an encouraging chat!

My background is in management and education across a wide range of different contexts. I have been at Otago Polytechnic for just over 12 years, with the past 8 at CapableNZ. I recently completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Teaching from the University of Otago.