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Today is: 2014-04-25

WikiEducator Awarness Campaign and Registration Drive 1

In association with and on request of, Jesus Youth, a wing of St. Sebastian's Church, Thoppumpady, Cochin in Kerala, India,
File:Rev_father.jpg Priest in charge of Jesus Youth File:Seb_formal.jpg Wiki Facilitator Sebastian Panakal
and Wiki Educator Preethi Francis arranged an awareness campain and registration drive for eL4C55 at the Parish hall on 14 January 2014.

The events could be: Workshops related to WikiEducator, Training Programmes related to WikiEducator, Talks related to WikiEducator, Meetings/conferences in your organization or locality where WikiEducator will be presented or discussed, Publishing of features on Main/Country/Project pages, Comments being made by prominent personalities on WikiEducator, Appearance of media reports relating to WikiEducator,Opening of new projects on WikiEducator, Important turning points related to existing projects, News regarding adoption of OER from WikiEducator by Institutions/Academic bodies,Content donations being received by WikiEducator,Important announcements related to WikiEducator,News about important accomplishments/achievements of WikiEducator community members etc etc.

Archived Events

The following people enrolled for eL4c55

  • Preethi Saju
  • Savitha Saleel
  • Ancy Devassy
  • George Mampilli
  • Rathish Krishna
  • Susan Phelsi
  • Sonia Louis

WikiEducator Awarness Campaign and Registration Drive 2

Prof. Sabu Chacko of St. Albert's College has invited me to conduct an Awareness Campaign at Nithya Sahaya Matha Church, Cheranellor, Cochin. It was Prof. Sabu who arranged a meet at the college a couple of months ago.

The Presentation is scheduled at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday 9 March 2014 at the Church hall. The following Wiki Ambassadors have promised to volunteer there.

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