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PPP Lesson

PPP Lesson

AIM: Ss learn the difference between:

  1. Ask ss what food-drink they like at birthday parties.
  2. Stick on the board magazine pictures of different party foods.
  3. Ask ss the names of the food items. Write names, choral drill
  4. Say “I’m having a birthday party this weekend, I’d like...
  5. Say I’d like some sweets… say… ss repeat chorally
  6. Point to ss count uncountable nouns
  7. Ask concept questions
  8. Gap filling exercise
  9. Ss work in pairs on a worksheet

DI class (process)

  1. Warm up
  2. Pre-assessing (readiness)
  3. Familiarize (readiness)
  4. Grouping ss
  5. Identifying
  6. Regroup
  7. Practice
  8. Implement


Elicit what students like about parties. Make students draw a picture on a flashcard of something they need for a party. The teacher gives instructions to stand up and go to the left if they think they are countable and to right if it they think it is uncountable. Ask students if they are sure of their decision. Then in teams of four, the students will have a picture and will identify the objects and classify them into countable and uncountable nouns. Then, in groups of three, the students will have to plan a situation. They will have to make a shopping list of the things they will need for a party, a trip, a barbecue reunion, a slumber party, and a camping trip. Then, the students will explain to the whole class what they need for this event using the structure “we need (a/an/-es/-s) for the _______________ (event). Finally they will make a poster of the event as a invitation for the other teams. They will need to say “You need to bring…” and they will give a list to the whole class in order to go to the event.