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GROUP 5 ACTION PLAN Team Members Lynette Noel (Trinidad) Rebecca Lekoko (Botswana) Hermena Davidson (Jamaica) Lumaava Sooaemalelagi (Samoa) LIFE SKILLS All modules are to be completed by August 31st. Module 5: Employability Skills June 20 Complete action plan and roles for individual members July 08 Complete Module 5 July 09 - 15 Module is open for review by other groups. July 22 Submission of final module

Discussion sessions held weekly on Sunday via Google chat room – Life Skills in Paradise Lynette Noel (Trinidad) 10pm Rebecca Lekoko (Botswana) 4pm Hermena Davidson (Jamaica) 9pm Lumaava Sooaemalelagi (Samoa) 3pm

Regular email will also be used. Module 1: Interpersonal Relationships Unit 5: Goal Setting and Management

Access existing outline on Life Skills/Unit One

Lynette/Hermena Goal Setting Ava/Rebecca Time Management

Basic skeleton July 08 Introduction/ Outcomes/Terminology July 15 Assignments and activities

NB: Sections refer to parts of the lesson – we have referred to them as step 1, 2 etc

July 21 Complete unit July 22 - 28 Unit is open for review and feedback from other groups/individuals July 29 Group 5 to meet & finalise the Unit in chat room