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photo of Jenni Hayman

Welcome to my User Page. I'm still learning!

Recent Learning

Recently I took a MOOC from Bill Cope and Mary Kalantzis on the 7 Affordances of eLearning. It was a great course, and I am sharing what I learned with many others in a variety of ways.

Here's the short version:

7 Affordances of eLearning (by affordances I mean things you can do that were difficult or impossible with other methods)

  1. Ubiquitous Learning
    • Learning anywhere, any time
    • Supporting learners, anywhere, any time (the teacher view)
  2. Active Knowledge Making (Active Meaning Making)
  3. Multimodal Meaning
  4. Recursive Feedback
  5. Collaborative Intelligence
  6. Megacognition
  7. Differentiated Learning

The link that follows here will take you to the YouTube series of videos from Dr. Cope and Dr. Kalantzis used for their Coursera Course: YouTube Link to the 7 Affordances Video Series

Now I'm practicing linking to an internal Wikieducator page: Randomly selected the link that follows here: Geometry

Adding an image from Wikimedia here:

drawing of a seguaro cactus
A sketch of a cactus done with pencil and pen on a sticky note