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This is an example of a simple reading exercise  - to make reading more active and interactive. Learners read the text (you can make the text suitable for the level of your students) Using the text, students decide whether the statements are true or false, then bet a certain amount of points depending on how sure they are. I usually tell classes they start at 0, can go in to the negative and the aim is to have as many points as possible by the end. It leads to many discussions about language and structure as they try to protect and build point totals!

Me llamo Francisco Garcia. Vivo en Valencia, en el este de España. Me gustan mucho los animales, y en casa, tenemos un gato que se llama Blanco. Voy al colegio ‘Blanquinal’, es un colegio grande. No me gusta mucho el colegio. Estudio las matemáticas, las ciencias, la literatura, la lengua, el inglés, la historia, la geografía y el deporte.
Odio las ciencias porque son aburridas y también la profe es estricta. No me gusta el inglés, es útil pero difícil. Me gusta la historia porque es interesante y el profe es gracioso. Me encanta el deporte, es fácil y me encanta el fútbol.

Read the profile above. Then decide whether the statements are true or false. Once you have decided gamble 10, 50, 100 or 200 points on your answer. (Only bet 200 points if you’re really sure!)

1. Francisco lives in the west of Spain

2. His dog is called Blanco

3. His school is big.

4. He likes school in general.

5. Francisco studies 8 subjects.

6. He doesn’t like Science

7. His Science teacher is a woman

8. English is useful but difficult

9 He thinks his History teacher is funny

10 He loves PE