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Content Outline

  • Need of India Tourism
  • Branches
  • Functions of India Tourism
  • Promotional activities of India


After going through this session, you will be able to:


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  • Understand the need for tourism organization
  • List the branches of India Tourism worldwide
  • Understand the functions of India Tourism
  • Describe the promotional activities of India Tourism


India Tourism was formerly known as the Department of Tourism. It functions under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism & Culture. It is the nodal agency for the development and promotion of tourism in India. The Ministry of Tourism functions as the nodal agency for the development of tourism in the country. It plays a crucial role in coordinating and supplementing the efforts of the State/Union Territory Governments, catalyzing private investment, strengthening promotional and marketing efforts and in providing trained manpower resources.

The administrative head of the Department of Tourism is the secretary. The department is assisted by an attached office headed by the director general and ex-officio additional secretary to the government of India. The directorate general of tourism has a network of 20 offices within the country and 13 offices abroad.



  • Different sectors of the industry are interdependent on each other.
  • Many of the vendors/operators are small scale operators and need an association to defend and protect their rights.
  • The tourist market is fragmented and organizations help in reaching the potential customers.
  • Destinations can be located far apart, especially in case of international tourism.
  • Tourism has to develop in a planned manner if it is to remain sustainable.

The ministry of Tourism has six international offices or regional offices overseas which are located at

  • Sydney,
  • Frankfurt,
  • Tokyo,
  • Dubai,
  • London, and
  • New York headed by officers of different ranks.

There are seven sub-regional offices located at

  • Toronto,
  • Paris,
  • Milan,
  • Amsterdam,
  • Los Angeles,
  • Johannesburg and
  • Singapore.

The regional offices are at

  • New Delhi
  • Mumbai
  • Kolkata
  • Chennai
  • Guwahati


The main functions of these 13 overseas offices are to

  • Carry out overseas marketing
  • Position India as a preferred tourism destination
  • Promote various Indian tourism products

The function of India Tourism, both organizational and promotional is performed by the following seven divisions:

  • Planning and programming
  • Publicity and conference
  • Travel trade and hospitality
  • Accommodation
  • Supplementary accommodation and wildlife
  • Market research
  • Administration

Functions of India tourism offices are as follows:

  • Collection, compilation and dissemination of tourist information in India and abroad, and attending to enquiries of international tourists, tour operators and members of the travel industry such as airlines, steamship companies and hotels.
  • Cooperation with international travel and tourist organizations at government and non-government levels.
  • Development of tourist facilities of interest to international tourists.
  • Publicity at home and abroad with the object of creating an overall awareness of the importance of tourism.
  • Simplification of frontier formalities in respect of international tourists.
  • Regulation of activities of the various segments of the travel trade such as hotels, youth hostels, travel agents, wildlife, guides etc. catering to tourist needs.

[[Image:]]Following are the various types of publicity material produced by India tourism

  • The ‘Incredible India’ theme brochures
  • Destination leaflets
  • Heritage destination leaflets
  • Northeast brochures
  • Maps
  • Films
  • CDs

As the organization representing the central government, India Tourism plays an important role in development of tourism in India and promoting India as a tourist destination in overseas market.

  • Many research scholars have complained to India tourism that Ajanta and Ellora, though full of beauty and potential do not attract enough tourists every year. Foreign tourists visiting India do not give preference to Ajanta & Ellora though they visit Maharashtra. As the head/Director of India Tourism, what steps would you suggest/take to develop Ajanta & Ellora as a tourist place?

True or false

1] India Tourism, a branch of Ministry of Tourism looks after tourism development in India. [False]

  • True
  • False

2] India Tourism is a domestic organization? [False]

  • True
  • False

  • What is the need for a government tourism organization?
  • What promotional activities are carried out by the government tourism organization?
  • What are the rules and regulations framed by India Tourism?
  • Discuss the role of India tourism in policy formulation?

India Tourism is the nodal organization working for promotion of tourism in India and overseas. The offices working towards this goal are in India and worldwide at major tourist originating cities. India Tourism performs various functions