States of Matter

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States of Matter

Here is a game that will help students learn states of matter.
1. Have three students in a group. You may have a number of such groups.
2. Each student gets a card solid, liquid or gas as shown.
3.Now have several other cards made as shown
Centre Centre
4.Shuffle these cards. Let a student pick each card, if it is suitable for the main card allotted at the begining the student can retain it. Else he must place it down and some one else who finds it suitable can pick it. Eg. If the card picked up says 'has no fixed shape but has a fixed volume' it must be picked by the student who has the card 'Liquid'.
5. Go on till all cards are exhausted. Let students now compare the properties of states of matter from the set of cards they have.

Look at this animation स्थायुरूप , द्रवरूप व वायुरुपसाठी काही कार्ड्स आहेत. योग्य कार्ड उचला. कार्ड जर तुम्हास उपयुक्त नसेल तर ते खाली ठेवणे . आपल्या कड़े असलेल्या कार्ड्स वरून स्थायुरूप , द्रवरूप व वायुरूप यांच्या गुणांची उजल्णी करू शकतात

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