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In Pittsburgh, PA, USA, and with others at WikiEducator, we are building a grant application for a five week, 2-hour per day, literacy focused camp for middle school stduents (going into grades 6, 7 and 8) for the summer of 2010. The camp is called, Olympicpedia, as it blends student energy with wiki pages and sports content.

The grant /Application submission to Pittsburgh Pubic Schools occurred November 13, 2009. All grant applications were rejected by Pittsburgh Public Schools and a new call for proposals was made. media:PPS-RFP-TitleI-FINAL.pdf.

The camp is to meet in a school computer lab for five weeks in July and August 2010 with as yet un-hired teachers who have state cerification. A 15-1 ratio of students to teachers is needed.

The RFP with its Title I needs requires a curriculum that has been proven with research.

Vision with WikiEducator

Cite studies

Proven, researched methods are necessary.

There has to be some research about wikis helping with literacy instruction with kids in middle school grades, or high school.


Wiki workshops offered at Journey to Learn in 2009. Teachers claim wikis are an invaluable teaching tool.

Source: http://www.theconsortiumforpubliceducation.org/jtl09wrapup.htm

Jennifer Sylves uses Wikis for class projects because:

Jennifer Sylves finds wikis an invaluable teaching tool. She and a colleague, Nancy Hoffman, teacher of math and computer science, presents workshops about Wikis to peers from across the region as part of The Consortium for Public Education’s 2009 Journey to Learn. Journey to Learn is a regional in-service day for teachers to share best practices across district lines.

Olympicpedia = Camp Name

The students are to read, write, resarch, present, and master wiki pages on a wikia.com site, AforAthlete.wikia.com about the global areas associated with sports and the Olympics: athletes, sports, teams, nations, languages, terms, jargon, results and general fitness.

History of Olympicpedia

Old handout / brochure for Olympicpedia Camp in 2008 in Pittsburgh, PA.
A drop in day camp of 2 hours per day was held in a 2008, prior to travels to the Beijing Olympics.

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