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In the previous unit, the concept of recruitment, the source and method to ensure that good heads come to the organization was explained. In this particular unit, we will take another perspective in recruiting. Action plan for recruiting will ensure a steady flow of work force at the minimal cost. The action here is centred mostly on internal resourcing and flexibility working arrangements. This is because of the inability to make firm prediction of human resources need in time of rapid changes. Take time to digest this unit, as it will add to your practical knowledge in the field of human resources planning.


At the end of this unit,you willdo the following;
  • Define action plan for recruitment
  • Evaluate employees choice plan
  • Identify flexibility plans for maintaining the flow of quality staff at minimal cost


Action plans are derived from the broad resourcing strategies and the more detailed analysis of demand and supply factors Armstrong (2001). He pointed put that plans however often short and flexible because it will not be to make serious prediction of human resources need in time of rapid changes.

Plans need to be prepared in the areas of resourcing, flexibility, retention and down sizing.

This deals with the best method of getting people from within the organization, to recruit their externally and to attract high quality candidate.

The first step is to analyse the availability of suitable from within the organization by reference to assessments of potential and a skill data base. The database should contain updated list of employee with skills needed by the organization. This provides the basis of decision and steps taken to promote, redeploy and also provide additional experience and training to eligible staff. Plans could also be made to use the existing employees. The Recruitment plan – Armstrong (2001 pg 357-380) pointed out a good recruitment plan should incorporate:

Employer’s Choice Plan

This include plan for attracting good candidates by ensuring that the organization will become an “employer of choice” This could be achieved by improving the image of the company and by offering.

*‘Golden hellos’ (some of money paid up front to recruits).

Flexibility Plan

Armstrong pointed out that the aim of flexibility plan should be to:-

1. Provide for greater operational flexibility 2. Improve utilization of employees’ skills and capacities 3. Reduce employment costs. 4. Help to achieve downsizing and in a way which avoids the need for compulsory redundancies. 5. Increase productivity

Other alternative plans to full time employees use of part-time workers.

Advantages of Using Part Worker

1. More scope for flexing hour worked 2. Better utilization of plant and equipment by, for example, the introduction of a ‘twilight shift’ 3. Lower unit labour costs because overtime level for full time 4. Higher productivity on repetitive work because part time worker can give more attention to their work during their shorter working day.

This disadvantages are


This is an arrangement whereby two employees share the work of the full time position, dividing pay and benefits between them according to the time each works.



Explain the concept of action planning for recruitment in the organization

List elements that are fundamental in good recruitment plan

Shift Working Arrangement

These can be introduced or modified on demand requirements, reduce over time or provide better plant or equipment utilization. Flexible Hour Arrangement This flexibility plan in one or more of the following ways:-


This will enable

The potential draw backs include


List flexibility arrangements that employer could use to alternate full time employment

Outline the advantages and disadvantages of part-time job


In this unit, the nee provide continuous flow human resource in the organization through action plan as was taught

Action plan constitutes broad resourcing strategies and more detail analysis of supply and demand factors. Organizations need to put plan in place especially in the area of resourcing, flexibility, retention and downsizing. It is note worthy to understand organizations are to choose best method flexibility plans to march its business environment. Also action plan for recruitment here should be short and flexible because of dynamism and rapid charges in business environment. We have learnt that action plan for recruitment provides broad resourcing strategies given cognizance to demand and supply factor of human resources. It also provide plans for resourcing, flexibility, retention and downsizing. Resourcing deals with the best way of getting people into the organization. It could be internal or external. We also ensure that recruitment plan should put certain elements into consideration to make it reliable however the onus lies with employers to make choice in term of attracting good and high calibre employees. It was painted that apart from full-time there are other flexible alternative working arrangement that are available to the employers. These could include part-time work, job sharing, shrift work arrangement, subcontracting. With knowledge you have acquired in this unit, you have seen that recruitment goes the process of brink manage good employees demand as serious planning human resources management


Attracting good and quality employee is the function of employers choice.

Discuss Recommend five reasons why employers should adopt flexible working arrangement


Michael Armstrong (2001 pg 357-380) Human Resource Management Practice Kogan page Ltd, 120 Rantoville Road London

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