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At its core, a quiz is a competition to answer questions correctly, whether among individuals, among teams, or for personal use. In a typical educational setting, a quiz is a brief, informal assessment offering an opportunity for learners and teachers to assess the learner's understanding and/or skill in a particular area of study. Quizzes may also be used to further practice a skill, e.g., flashcards may be considered a type of quiz.


Options for creating quiz questions

WikiEducator offers two approaches for adding traditional (e.g., multiple-choice or true/false) quiz-type questions to a page: a quiz tool and quiz question templates. All options offer scoring feedback; cumulative scoring is available with the quiz tool. In addition, WikiEducator offers templates for including less traditional quiz-type questions, e.g., flashcards, a reflection with expandable feedback.

Quiz tool

The quiz tool, instantiated using quiz tags, offers functionality to create multiple-choice (single response and multiple response), true-false, short answer (typed response), cloze (fill in the blank), numerical response and tabular response questions using wikitext. The quiz includes a scoring function, a feedback option (e.g., for each option in a multiple-choice question), and the ability to include images, animations, audio, and hyperlinks.

Quiz question templates

WikiEducator offers a number of different templates for creating quiz-type questions.

Multiple-choice single selection

True-false A true-false question is easy to make using a multiple-choice template; there are two possible responses, true or false.

Cloze (fill in the blank)


Advantages and disadvantages of the various approaches

see the collection of available pedagogical templates offered under Working Examples

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