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Help: Collaborative Video

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The Wikimedia Foundation, Wikieducator and Kaltura have partnered in order to bring rich media collaboration to Wikipedia, WikiEducator, other Wikimedia projects, and any Wiki using the MediaWiki software.

With the launch of this joint venture, users are invited to test new functionality that will enable Wiki pages to include collaboratively created video, audio, animation, and slideshows as well as text and images. You are invited to experiment with this functionality here on WikiEducator, by adding a Collaborative Video, to any of our articles, or by visiting our Collaborative Video - Help and Sandbox page.

Using this new technology, users can add the Kaltura rich media player to any wiki page, and all other users can add to its content and edit it, similar to the text-wiki.

Adding rich media to our educational content can add much value to many of the topics in Wikieducator. For example, take a look at the collaborative videos added to the Parenting project on this wiki. The collaborative video project is managed as an open source project at

Comments, ideas, bug reports and suggestions for improvement are welcome, and are being collected on Feedback page.

You can also sign up for a newsletter that will post updates and news by sending an email to: (email subject: get updates).

How you can participate in this Beta

a. Create a Collaborative Video, and add your feedback and suggestions to the Feedback Page. You can import content directly from a variety of Creative Commons, and public domain rich media repositories. You can also upload your own original content, directly from the Collaborative Video Wizard. You are also invited to use the Video Editor, in order to remix the content, add titles and transitions, and synchronize audio tracks.

b. Check out some of the collaborative videos on this Wiki (you are invited to checkout and add to these collaborative videos under the parenting project.)

c. Try out our Collaborative Video - Help and Sandbox page where you can start a new collaborative video, add to the sandbox video and edit them. You can also checkout our tutorial video.

d. Help develop the this MediaWiki collaborative video extension that adds rich media collaboration capabilities to any text-wiki. The source code is available at . We look forward to improving this extension, and we need your help.

e. Embed the collaborative video you created on your site, blog, or social network page, and spread the word about this new form of collaborative media.