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Evaluating Facilitation Skills

Major Challenge

Distinctions between Teaching/Training & Facilitation


Use Scenario-based Interviewing

  • see if the individual goes towards training or facilitation.
  • Note the use of the word specifically, which opens the door for more probing questions if the first response is generic or “Text-book”.
  • set up the question with a 'training-style intervention', and see if the interviewee can navigate around it, and move towards facilitation. (Christopher)

Past Experience

Learning & Skills Development

  • look for specific Facilitation training
  • look for experience facilitating different types of discussions, this might show neutrality and no content expertise, find out if they are comfortable relying on process.

Interview References

  • have detailed discussions with people provided as references who have seen them work, if possible.
  • get testimonials, references with clients they have facilitated, there is nothing more valuable than experience.

In Summary...


  • (It's a wonderful resource for learning the art and science of facilitation, and designing the sequence of questions for a facilitated conversation that is different from teaching is ICA's focused conversation book. It has 100 conversations documented. It also gives a great overview of the metholdoogy of how to design.a facillitated concersation from start to finish (Joanna))


(image:comment.gif: Special thanks to Alain, Judy, Joanna, Hilary, Madelena, Christopher & Diane Randy Fisher 11:35, 8 December 2009 (UTC))

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