Task List - Meeting 16 May 2008

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  • Peter Rawsthorne (Vancouver)
  • Dr Carol Bohlmann (SA)
  • Dr Jonathan Miller (SA)
  • Dr Wayne Mackintosh (Canada)

Task list

  • Identify prospective content authors (5 Modules)
  • Jon will follow up on leads
  • Wayne to follow on leads
  • Contact John Barrow (Carol)?
  • Prototype sample of materials (Wayne & Peter & Carol - critical review) by 10 July.
  • Identify learning design input (preference for DE experience)
  • Wayne to configure printed version
  • Clear distinction of roles and responsibilities eg content authoring, graphic design, LD, Quality review, materials accreditation, sylabus alignment (v5.0).
  • OO Version?
  • Oversight role - funding for project management.
  • Wayne to meet with ECDL
  • Proposal -- Host all Open ICDL materials on WE
  • Proposal - ICDL/ECDL accredits materials against ECDL syllabus 5.0
  • Wayne to send Jon/ICDL SA copy of SAQA report
  • Follow up on Canonical / Ubuntu -- collaboration?
  • How does the automated testing fit into the plan?
  • Time frame?

Post meeting brainstorm list

  • A number of the java applets used in the automated testing would make excellent multimedia resources for the training materials -- perhaps WE should encourage the developer of the automated testing to submit a bounty .... BTW -- I see that there is a Java Applet extension for MW --Wayne Mackintosh 02:30, 17 May 2008 (UTC)
  • Thinking about the name --- wouldn't it be better to change the name to the UNESCO/Commonwealth Computer Navigator's Course -- rather than Certificate. Essensially the CCNC are course materials -- NOT certification. --Wayne Mackintosh 02:33, 17 May 2008 (UTC)
  • Send a compelling invitation out to every ICDL testing centre that we are developing Open Education Resources for the Open ICDL requesting assistance with content development, review of activities, suggestions for improvement emphasizing that they will be able to use these materials in expanding and extending their operations. --Wayne Mackintosh 05:29, 17 May 2008 (UTC)
  • Communicate that COL will provide free training in using the wiki for every ICDL content developer who is willing to assist us in developing high quality teaching materials.