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What is an ambassador for WikiEducator?

Ambassador Bridge.

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An ambassador for WikiEducator is an enthusiastic champion who takes on a formal or informal leadership role to promote and coordinate activities at their own institution or community, or within their own country.

Ambassadors for WikiEducator assist in the realisation of our strategy by promoting activities which:

Ambassadors are people who have a passion to widen access to quality education through open networks and free content. They identify themselves in the WikiEducator community and keep us informed of their ambassadorial activities.

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What do ambassadors for WikiEducator do?

List your ideas for things that ambassadors can do:

What resources are available for WikiEducator ambassadors?

List of ambassadors for WikiEducator

Are there other ways in which I can help WikiEducator achieve its goals?

Yes. You can help us in variety of ways. Please see the WikiEducator Roles page. P.S. ~ even if you help us in a different role, you can still be an effective Ambassador for WikiEducator!

Note: This initiative was inspired by Ambassadors for eXeLearning

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