Activity 1

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 Activity 1

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  1.  Collect some information about worms found in your area.
  2. Try to identify theri category.
  3. Share your information ( video, audio , text , image) on the google groups.

You can join google groups from the links given in Share. After joining follow the group vermiculture for sharing and discussion.

Activity 2

1.Collect information of marketing of worms and vermicompost in your surroundings.

 2.Have discussions with the farmers, schools and councils and encourage the people to adopt vermiculture.

 3.Analyse the potential of developing worm farm in your area.

    Share your progress and difficulties faced with us on google gropus under vermiculture.

Activity 3.

  1. Visit any worm farm in your area.
  2. Collect the types of worm farms used in the worm farms. ( note: the worm farms used in your area may be called by different name and have different shape)
  3. Share your finding with us.

Activity 4

  1. Start developing your own worm  farm.(no matter of any size but it would be easier to install a small worm farm in the beginning)
  2. You can make your own worm farms by using the rejected woooden or plastic boxes.
  3. Share your experience with us.

Activity 5

  1. Install your desired worm farm.
  2. Share your process of installation with evidences.

Activity 6

  1. Show the process of maintenance of worm farm by you.( you can discuss or share in any format)

Consider the testing of ph level , temp., moisture, adding of food for worms in maintenance.

Activity 7

Compile your learning in the your portfolio.

Evidences for the portfolio can be any form text , image , video , audio. You can send your portfolio on papers or online.

Consider the following question for completing your portfolio:

What have you learnt about:

different worms in your area?

differrent types of worm farms in your area?

installing and maintaining the worm farm?

how to separate vermicomost and worm ?

What is your future plan about adopting vemiculture and how will go along with your plan?