835 - Office Practice

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Postal Information: Classes of Mail. Inland and international post; classes of service registration, express delivery, insurance.

Handling of Mail: incoming mail - control, recording and distribution; the date and stamp; outgoing mail - control, recording, franking and address graphing machines; office-messenger services.

Telecommunications: Inland and international telephone services; telegram, telex, and cable services; radio calls, composing telegrams (including counting telegram words).

Filing: alphabetic, geographic, numeric, subject, rules of indexing and filing, method and equipment used.

General Introduction of Office Standards: personal qualities, manners, speech, grooming and production standards. Duties of a secretary, shorthand-typist, copy-typist, receptionist, clerk and office messenger.

Sources of Information: reference books, information bureau.

Agenda and Minutes of Meetings: inter-departmental correspondence.

Applying for a Position: letter of application, personal data sheet, interview, follow-up referees.

Method of Payment: cash payments including petty cash; payments by stamp, postal and money orders, credit cards, checks and travelers' checks, and standing orders.

Office Machines and Equipment: typewriters, dictation machines, duplicators, copying machines, add listing machines, staplers, punches. Questions will not be asked on technicalities on methods of operation but on services provided by the machines.

Business Documents: invoices, debit notes, purchase orders, credit notes, statements, receipts, checks and petty cash vouchers. Students will be expected to know the terms used in these documents.

Materials and Stationary: different types, their sue and control.