Peer evaluation

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Self assessment and peer evaluation are a powerful processes to help internalise and reflect on your learning while providing support to and receiving feedback from your peers.

The OER Foundation was awarded a Google Summer of Code project this year to progress the development of peer evaluation tools for the OERu. OCL4Ed 14.06 is an historic course where we will trial peer evaluation technologies for the first time.

The OERu is distinctively open and our technology infrastructure is based entirely on open source software. We subscribe to the open software development philosophy of releasing early so that our community can help test and refine our software tools used to support the OERu. This peer evaluation tool is the first alpha release and may contain bugs and a less than optimal user interface design. Please help us to improve the software by participating in the peer evaluation prototype and providing feedback. You can share feedback on WEnotes, twitter or Google+ or directly via email.

Overview of the system

We recommend that all learners submit a self-assessment for the E-Activities they register for peer evaluation. This will familiarise you with the corresponding assessment rubric before you evaluate your peers. For this prototype, we encourage learners to submit a minimum of three peer evaluations for each E-Activity. You are free to submit more evaluations if you like. The system will automatically assign registered submissions with the lowest number of evaluations received on your user dashboard to promote an even distribution of peer evaluations.

Submit an E-Activity
You must register your completed E-Activities and opt in for peer evaluation. During the registration process you will supply the url link for your activity.
User dashboard
This is the hub of the peer evaluation system where you can view a list of all the activities you have registered, submit your self-assessments, view the submissions assigned to you for peer evaluation, submit peer evaluations and view evaluations you have completed.
View all submissions
The peer evaluation system provides two separate pages where you can view all the activities registered and a summary of all the evaluations submitted.

Terms of service

This peer evaluation prototype will not impact on formal assessment results in any way. By opting to participate in the peer evaluation prototype you acknowledge that all results and comments will be displayed publicly on the course site and that you license all comments under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. Please take into account that members of the community will be purposefully posting a variety of answers for testing purposes and these submissions do not necessarily reflect on their ability or expertise relating to the course objectives. Please read the OERu terms of service with regard to our code of conduct for respectful feedback and the right to ban disruptive user accounts for offensive comments.

If you have problems, suggestions, or comments on this alpha test of the Peer Evaluation extension for OERu, please email us. Thanks!