Zibct/Organisation culture/Chapter Two: Elements of Culture

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At the end of the lesson students should be able to:

  • Define the cultural web
  • Examine the various manifestations of culture
  • Explain the different drivers of the culture change
  • Establish links between national culture and organisational culture

  1. The Cultural Web
The cultural web refers to the various manifestations of culture such as forklore, myths, ideologies,values, :artifacts,legends,beliefs,sagas,and languge
  1. Characteristics of culture
Culture is dynamic and changes over time. For example cellphones were not part of our culture seventy years :ago.
Culture is something that is shared by the majority of the people. For example many Zambians eat Nshima as :their main meal at lunch and supper.
Culture is passed down from generation to generation

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Using an organisation of your choice that you are very familiar with, list some of the common behaviours of employees in that organisation that in your view show the kind of culture that exists in that organisation

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  • ABE Organisational Behaviour Guide
  • Mullins
  • G A Cole

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Web Resources

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