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My Publications _______________


I have four publications to my credit. The first book I published was in 1999 when I was the lecturer for Educational Technology. The title of the book is Educational Technology for the Professional Teacher. Of course, the professional teacher must be guided by the type of instructional materials that will be most appropriate for a particular lesson. As such it is important that the professional teacher is conversant with the characteristics of all the instructional materials that are available and then make the right choice.
The second publication, Introduction to Information and Communications Technology was designed for students studying at a distance. As a result, a house style of the university was used to build the pages and to make the book more interactive as much as possible. Students of the Technology Education Department of the university are the main target but this book is also appropriate for anyone who desires to understand MS Windows and MS Word.
The third publication, Furniture Design and Production (II) is also an interactive material for distance learners. Eventhough the course is more practical, the manual has been designed to help any serious students who wants to know practical woodwork to do so without tears.
Introduction to AutoCAD is the last of my series. This publication became necessary because of an intervention. and I had to go all out to develop this manual for the final year students of the Technology Education Department. Interestingly, this program in computing has become my most interesting course and I enjoy teaching it. Since the students will go out into the larger society, much will be expected of them and therefore AutoCAD should be taught indepth so that they can cope with the challenges. The publication has come out as one of my best productions.

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