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what is a system

A system is a collection of interrelated components that work together to achieve a common goal(task)

By this we mean anything that has different parts which depend on each other. For instance a car petrol engine has different parts that work together to burn petrol so that energy is given out to drive the wheels.In this case petrol is the input and energy is the output after it has been processed.

A system has three basic parts which are input, process and output

What is an information system-This is a collection of inter-related tools that are used to gather data, process it into information and disseminate to right(intended recipient) at the right time so that a timely and effective decision is made.

There are various types of systems. This include open systems, closed systems, deterministic system, probabilistic system, stochastic system

An open systems is one that is easily influenced by the environment and that the same system can influence the environment. An environment of a system is anything surrounding a system. If we consider an organization as a system then its environment will include the law, consumers, competitors , suppliers etc. For these reasons, we say that all business systems are open systems because for it to survive it must interact with the environment. An information system can either be computer based or manual. Today most systems are automated this makes work easier and an organization's data is more secure when the system is automated