ZEST Inaugural Session

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ZEST: An Interaction that wasn’t only an Interaction

It is that time of the year again. The time when Zest, the English society of DDUC, gathers to celebrate: To celebrate the coming of the first years; to celebrate the exam results; and to celebrate and congratulate the ZEST leadership for the new academic year. Such ZEST-occasions emphasise our tradition of considering everyone (both the old and the new faces) in Zest to be a doer.

On August 7, 2012, in what that can also be called as a bid to ignite the team spirit of the society, the inaugural meeting of the ZEST was held. There was much fun and the ice was further broken (after the orientation program and the jamming session) among the freshers, seniors and the teachers. Besides nominating the office bearers – President (Parul Chikkara), Vice President (Anugya Gupta), Secretary (Rashi Kukreja) and Treasurers (Shivani Sharma and Sukriti Sehgal) – we decided to form different groups like the dance group, the film club, and the wiki team so as to ensure the participation of students in extra-curricular activities.

The teachers threw many satire-dipped arrows to bring life in the interaction. All of them encouraged every suggestion of the students. The venue for the Year Beginning Party was also discussed. It was decided that the party will be organised in the college premises. This reminded us of Dr. Pramesh Ratnakar’s words, “When we do something in college, even the inconveniences become memorable.”

– Rashi Kukreja