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This is an activity designed to explore the power of Youtube's built in video editor. To learn more about the video editor, watch this video.

  1. You must have a Youtube account. If you don't have a Youtube account, go to and create an account. (You'll need to be able to check your email to click the 'confirm registration' link.)
  2. Upload a video. Once the upload process has finished, you'll be given the option of editing the video from the 'Video tools menu'.
  3. Each video will allow to you send a link to others in order to allow them to collaborate on annotations.

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  • Record a short video of your partner completing an action like a standing jump, star jump, golf swing etc.
  • Connect the Flip to a computer and choose 'Open Folder' from the options that come up. Your videos are in DCIM > 100Video. Copy one or all of your videos to the desktop. Open the video file to view it.
  • Upload a video then complete at least three of the following:
    • Trim the start and end of the video
    • Insert a pause in the video
    • Add a speech bubble
    • Add a title
    • Add some audio

There are some helpful videos here: How to use annotations and What are Youtube Annotations?

Flip Cameras

Flip cameras are extremely useful, portable HD video recorders. One of their main advantages over other cameras is a USB plug that allows users to plug them directly into a computer and download footage.