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Welcome to Yoga Class

  • Overview - what to expect, objectives - what you will learn
  • Yoga Style - gentle, mindful, accessible
  • About Yogi Randy - facilitator, supportive, in teacher training (200) hours

Classroom Management

  • Washrooms, Parking, other logistics
  • Equipment (i.e., mats, blankets, props, supports, bolsters, belts)


  • How are people feeling? (i.e., energized, stressed, anxious, tired, happy, sad, neutral)
  • Injuries, areas of sensitivity or concern - share past injuries
  • Expectations
  • Class - go with the flow
  • Self - be gentle on yourself - our bodies and minds are different, and have different levels of mobility and flexibility.

(Comment.gif: Be Aware - mindful - of both body and mind

  • you may notice that your mind starts to wander -
  • breath - be aware
  • yoga is far more than the moves, postures - integration, body mind spirit


Asanas (Postures)

Waky, Waky, Waky

  • Notice how your body feels
  • Gentle tapping, slapping of body - up and down, all around...
  • Notice how you feel -

Heart and Belly Caring

  • Left Hand on Heart, Right Hand on Belly
  • Breathe in through nostrils (if you can), and out
  • Feel your belly rise, chest expand - feel your hear warm
  • Notice how you're feeling
  • Hear, Listen to your breath...feel the tenderness, and connection - reconnection to your body
  • Flow of oxygen, blood, and energy

Prayer & Gratitude

  • Bring your hands together, to center - in a prayer pose - spread your fingers - relaxed
  • Create some tension - as if the hand was a sun, and the fingers radiated energy outwards....


Experience Mindfulness A. Breathe one thing IN (from the practice) B. Breathe one thing OUT

Acknowledge the many feelings, concerns - coming in and out...

Focus on the breadth - form of energy - prana

Mindfulness Moments

  • music, voice, chimes, birds

Health Recipes