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Message Emphasis Challenge Tasks

Demonstrate effective use of a visual, signpost, preview, review, and/or repetition strategy to emphasise a key message about a business communication topic. For example, you might focus on a verbal communication principle, or on a communication barrier. Alternatively, you can choose another topic that interests you.

  • To get started, review the course materials on how to design effective messages, or build on a project you have in progress.
  • When your message is ready, write a clear, concise response (about 150 words) to these questions:
    • What is your message?
    • Who is your audience?
    • How would you check for understanding?
    • What result(s) do you hope to achieve?
    • What did you find easy in this exercise?
    • What was difficult?
    • What is your result?

(Comment.gif: SW - should there be a second bullet point which is 'Write your key business message...'? Should there be a word count guide for the message as well as the response to questions? Shall we ask them what is the context and medium of their message, as well as the audience? Should at least one of the questions be about the emphasis strategies, since that's the focus of the exercise? Maybe 'Which emphasis strategies did you choose and why?" How should they answer 'What is your result?'?)