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Level 5 / 1st year University course assessment
Summary: Demonstrate your understanding of how business communications need to be adapted depending on the audience.
3 hours

Learning outcome: Analyse how communications are shaped by their cultural, experiential, belief and value contexts and apply this knowledge to communication that displays awareness of the legal implications of business writing.  

(If you are completing this course for formal credit, you must complete and submit this assessment.)

Part A: Tailoring writing to a specific audience (80%)

This assignment requires you to write a trend report for a selected business and specific target audience.

To complete this assessment, you can:

  1. reuse the trend report from the business trend report challenge,
  2. focus on a different trend, or
  3. focus on several interlocking trends.

For example, you might want to look at the impact of online shopping on physical stores, or how that trend is now reversing as online retailers open physical stores.

Audience: For the purpose of this exercise, you should choose your own audience.

Your report should contain the following:

  1. Introduction
  2. Report planning section:
    • Select a business for the trend report and provide reasons why you selected this business
    • Specify the purpose of the report
    • Analise and identify the target audience i.e. demographics including how they are likely to perceive the trend(s) and implications / decisions for writing up the report with justifications from understanding your audience and other online resources
  3. Several paragraphs explaining what the trend(s) are
  4. A clear explanation of the potential impact of the trend(s) on the target audience
  5. Conclusion and recommendations: you should wrap up with some suggestions about how the target audience could use this trend to their advantage
  6. Finally, please include a "reflection section" where you justify the style of your writing, the decisions you made in selecting your points of emphasis and other

Your report should be 1500 words maximum.

When preparing the report, students must consult and cite five (5) articles (at a minimum) to support the existence of the trend and their arguments. These articles can be retrieved from credible online sources but should also be tailored to the target audience. You must use the APA reference system.

Part B: Executive summary speech (20%)

In Part B, you task is to write a four to five minute speech on the same key trend you identified in Part A above. While the audience for this speech is also up to you, it must be different from Part A. Your goal is to:

  1. Provide a summary of the trend report.
  2. Tailor the writing of the speech to this different audience, keeping in mind the following questions and tips:
    • Ensure your speech identifies the audience. Perhaps this could be in the introduction.
    • Should you use more complicated vocabulary?
    • Ensure you include all the same key points.
  3. The speech should be approximately four to five minutes in length.

Submission: Attach your submissions to an email with the subject line CCOM 101 Assessment Submission and addressed to Be Filled In To Be Filled