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File:Lenin-Trotsky 1920-05-20 Sverdlov Square (original).jpg
Vladimir Lenin, leader of the Bolsheviks, addressing troops in Sverdlov Square, Moscow (1920).

The Russian Revolution is one of the most significant events in twentieth century history. In February 1917 the Russian monarchy was toppled; in October the communist Bolsheviks seized power. Russian society was radically transformed under communist rule. The impact of the revolution reverberated globally. In the 1920s, communist ideals gave way to harsh totalitarian rule under Stalin. In Italy, a very different ideology took root, with the rise of fascism.

During this learning pathway you will watch one video lecture, examine one primary source document and complete several readings.

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  • Learn about the Russian Revolution
  • Examine the aftermath of the Russian Revolution, and Stalin's rise to power
  • Learn about fascist rule in Italy