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Workshop with farmers on digital content development

The above workshop was conducted on the 26th of April 2008 to have as interactive discussion with farmers on the digital content prepared for a chilli disease “Anthracnose” at the workshop “Collaborative Digital Content Development” held at OUSL from 31st March to 3rd April 2008. The aim was to obtain feedback from the farmers to improve this digital content more useful and more suitable to the farmers.

Altogether 30 participants took part in the workshop, including 25 farmers who actively participated in the workshop. On the whole, the interactive lesson prepared by us was well accepted by the farmers who pointed out some facts that they feel to be included in the interactive lesson and these have been, now, incorporated in the original document. Farmers were happy and they wanted us to prepare similar interactive lessons for other chilli diseases.

Farmers pointed out that this kind of activity would be welcomed by them as the extension service is rather weak and they would benefit by such activity to increase their productivity for the enhancement of livelihood. Farmers emphasized soil testing programme as it is an immediate need to them and has been a long standing requirement.

The entire proceeding of the workshop was tape recorded and is available to listen.

Different mechanisms of transfer of information were presented to the farmers to get their response.

Means of Information Transformation Response (%)
Radio 4.3
Television 69.6
Workshops 43.5
Seminars 86.9
Group Discussion 39.0
On the spot explanation 100.0
Handouts 91.3
Banners 0
Posters 0
Notices 21.7
Interactive CD 100.0
Internet 87.0

Comments by Farmers:

1. They preferred to have discussions in the field on the problems identified on site. 2. They preferred video presentation in CD form. 3. Accepted the digital content material but it was mentioned that adequate facilities must be provided for the use of these materials.









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