Worksheet for providing Basic Computer Training in rural communities

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This worksheet provides important information that anyone or any organisation offerring basic computer training for rural people should know.It is very challenging teaching computers to people in rural areas where they have zero or very limited knowledge about computers.There are essential skills on the part of the Instructor or training provider and there are appropriate equipments and resources to make the training effective or worthwhile.

Required Equipments and Resources


The Solomon Islands Distance learning Centres Project [[1]] is currently taking the right approach by using the required equipments when delivering computer training in their Distance Learning centres.The following equipments should be available to enhance delivery of training for trainees;

  • Data Projector
  • Computers or Laptops with external keyboards
  • Data Projector screen
  • White board


  • Course Handouts. This course material or handout should be designed in a more graphical interface style.
  • Have appropraite and relevant text books available for trainnes.

Training Provider

Required skills

Computer training Instructors should have the following qualities inorder to effectively train rural people;

  • Qualified, trained and experienced
  • Very good interpersonal skills
  • Alot of patience in teaching and training slow learners
  • Understanding trainees learning needs