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2 June 2011

  • We have been beyond the 80:20 point for some time, so this month saw only minor changes apart from:

3 May 2011

  • Activity has been low this month.
  • Proposed changes have been accepted into the 1st draft.
  • A more general staging area for proposed new and alternative versions of the code of conduct has been created.

6 April 2011

  • A beta version has been posted indicating what the code of conduct would look like if all the suggestions up to about the 5th of April were taken into account.
  • The WikiEducator community was invited to compare the two versions and comment on whether the "beta" version is too minimal.
  • The Leadership section is still on the same page as the (draft) community code of conduct but is easily separated if desired.
  • The discussion on values resulted in an update to the values on WikiEducator's main page.

1 March 2011

The question of whether or not to have separate "leadership" and "community" codes of conduct is under discussion (under Scope). An interesting question was raised for discussion about our list of values in the Introduction: do we need to include a word like "knowledgeableness"?

3 February 2011

Reminded people that this was in progress and added a few issues: whether "Code of Conduct" is an appropriate title, and whether there are any important omissions. - Kim Tucker 16:17, 3 February 2011 (UTC)

14 January 2011

Set up these Workgroup pages (last night) and (today) announced the proposed workgroup inviting participants. (Kim Tucker 12:57, 14 January 2011 (UTC))

25 August 2010

Set up a page for informal collaboration on a Code of Conduct for WikiEducator.