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The following email was sent to the wikieducator google discussion group on 06 November 2009. [1]

Hello Wikieducators,

Just shy of a month ago, Jesse announced the formation of Workgroup:Categories. We now have a small band of workgroup members discussing the many issues related to categories and figuring out a plan for the implementation of a functional category map for WikiEducator.

Our draft workgroup charter, which includes our high-level plan for the work to be done, is available for review and comment:

One notable feature in the charter: the outputs are keyed to tasks (styled based on Kim Tucker's issue tracker) which together make up the project plan. We have indicated that these outputs and tasks (listed separately from the charter) will be revised as needed to achieve the overall goal.

We are hoping to begin finalising the charter on Nov 13. Please add your comments and suggestions on the workgroup's talk page -- and you don't need to be a member to participate in the discussion. All are welcome.

But we are looking for additional members to join the group. Anyone interested in joining is welcome to add their signature to the charter under "Members and signatures."

See you in the wiki,