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The following summarises the activities. Details may be found on the issue tracker.

25 April 2010

A few minor edits were made to the report (separated the blog from the report and merged two sections on lessons learned).

7 March 2010

Issues consolidated (moved JIT Issues into the main issue tracker). Unchallenged suggested changes were made to the document. Status: all issues closed until late objections raised (if any).

1 March 2010

A "just in time" issues tracker was set up in case last minute issues surface which may not be addressable this time round.

To the three lists (to forewarn that suggestions will be incorporated this week) (no comments on issue tracker for over a month):

We have reached March 2010 already! This is the target month (i.e. this week) for finalising amendments to the Open Community Governance policy.

During this week I will make all the outstanding changes indicated on the issue tracker:

unless any objections are raised on that page within the next few days.

If anyone would like to raise any final (new) "just in time" issues, please use this page:

which indicates a few additional suggestions also to be included if there are no objections.

1 February 2010

Minor update to Issues page (under Selection, highlighted in blue a sentence which will be changed if no objections) and posted a mail to the three lists stating that we intend to finalise the amendments this month and will be grateful for comment. Abbreviated e-mail:

Outstanding issues include:
(1) Articulating our values, concisely stated as "diversity, freedom, innovation, transparency, equality, inclusivity, empowerment, human dignity, wellbeing and sustainability" (a blend of WikiEducator and Commonwealth values).
This is linked to a later section on selection of members who share these values (removing explicit reference to the Commonwealth values in that section).
(2) Numbers of members of the WikiEducator Community Council.
(3) Policy on meeting minutes.
Proposed wording for each of these are in blue on the issues page ....

12 January 2010

Opened remaining issues on the wiki with proposed wording for all, and posted general e-mail on open issues: meeting minutes, numbers of members of the WikiEducator Community Council and articulating our values. - Kim Tucker 04:33, 12 January 2010 (UTC)

17 December 2009

Closed the "Removal" issue with new wording for removal of members and for officers and agents.

Opened the issue of reference to Commonwealth values (4.4) and articulating values for this governance policy under "Background". - Kim Tucker 21:47, 17 December 2009 (UTC)

7 December 2009

E-mailed the following - Patron, Removals and medium priority items - Kim Tucker 21:19, 7 December 2009 (UTC)

We are close to resolving the issues deemed most difficult: Removal of members and officers, and whether or not to include the role of "Patron".

In essence, the role of Patron may be fulfilled in other ways. Please indicate on the issue tracker whether or not you support excluding references to Patron(s) in the policy - find the blue box under "WikiEducator Patron":

Regarding Removal of officers and members, I have posted proposed wording for Removal in two blue boxes on the issue tracker (one for Council members and one for Officers) and will be grateful for comments and "votes".

Next we will focus on issues coloured orange (priority medium) in the top left ("Title:" cell), i.e.

  • Number, tenure and qualification: check consistency x 3
  • Number of nominated members
  • Reference to "Commonwealth"

Your comments and/or fixes before you escape for the holidays will be appreciated.

20 November 2009 - Patron and Removals - progress

E-mailed the following - Kim Tucker 07:45, 20 November 2009 (UTC)

We prioritised the issues of whether or not WikiEducator should have a Patron, and processes for removal of members/officers of the WikiEducator Community council.

A brief summary follows. Further comments are welcome (links below).

WikiEducator Patron

The discussion is moving in the direction of WikiEducator not having a Patron and removing the section entirely.

In essence, the role of Patron may be fulfilled by an individual or collection of individuals, by some other name. Their existence, status and role need not be part of this policy.

Do you agree? (comment on Issue Tracker - link below)

Officers and Members of the WikiEducator Council

It was suggested that the same procedure be applied to both members and officers.


The idea of removal by majority vote was rejected and the task is to describe circumstances which would constitute a proposal for removal and define the process.

If you have any knowledge and experience of this, please see the Removal section on the issues tracker and advise:

Charter Approval

During this period the number of approvers rose to 13.

5 November 2009 - Patron and Removals - help request

Help request to WCC and WikiEducator lists on Removal and Patron.

16 October 2008 - Charter submitted

Charter Submitted to WikiEducator Community Council for approval.

  • Number of participants: 8 (Nellie Deutsch, Vincent Kizza, Wayne Mackintosh, Savithri Singh, Rob Kruhlak, Kim Tucker, Bronwyn Hegarty, John Stampe).
  • Number of participants indicating acceptance of the charter: 7 (Nellie Deutsch, Wayne Mackintosh, Savithri Singh, Rob Kruhlak, Kim Tucker, John Stampe, and Vincent Kizza via WCC approval table).
  • Number of WCC members indicating approval of the charter: 7 (Nellie Deutsch, Wayne Mackintosh, Savithri Singh, Valerie Taylor, Rob Kruhlak, Kim Tucker and Vincent Kizza).

1 October 2009 - Workgroup announced

Workgroup announced inviting members and comment on the charter.

27 September 2009 - Council members invited to join workgroup

Wayne invited Council members to join the policy amendment workgroup.

PS The history for before it was moved here may be found in the history of the Workgroup Report.